Zinc is my other superstar nutrient as it contributes to hunderds of processes inside your body, plenty which are reflected on the outside. Do you have white spots, flecks, ridges or disappearing half moons on your nails? Or perhaps hairless, flaky dry scalp, purple markings on the skin after breakouts, frequent colds or flus, depression, loss of appetite and even stretch marks that won't disappear or fade. These can all be signs of a zinc deficiency. 

In my last pregnancy I remember having a lot of these symptoms so I’ve listened to my body from the outside and started taking a zinc supplement almost everyday.

Zinc supports healthy skin (especially for acne sufferers), immune system function, maintenance for vision, taste and smell. Zinc activates more human enzymes than any mineral except magnesium and it's crucial for your body, brain, and immune system. Not even 100 years ago, zinc was abundant in many soils, but most foods don't contain zinc, unless they are grown in organic or biodymical soils. 

For those reasons I take a zinc supplement - but also because it helps health immune function. I take zinc to help shield from unwanted pathogens and keep my hair, skin and nails healthy. I take Zinc (an ionized form—the form of minerals that can be used by your body) almost daily.