Water filter

Pure, clean, alkaline, mineral-rich water is the zest of life! 

Growing up I always drank filtered water, but I've only recently learnt water filteration is only 50% of the way there. Water that contains the right properties, including a balanced range of minerals, is readily received and absorbed into the body for cellular hydration!

I did a lot of research about how I can create the best kind of drinking water for our family after moving to Australia. Through this reasearch I came about the Zazen Alkaline Water system. My chiroprator recommends the Zazen system and all the health food stores use them. 

The Zazen: 

  1. creates alkaline water

  2. optismises hydration at a cellular level

  3. contains a balanced range of essential minerals

  4. reduces fluoride

  5. doesn't waste water, uses no electricity and requires no plumbing (a bonus if you are renting)

Water should hydrate you. Ever feel you were drinking but were still thirsty? The minerals in your water should quensh that thirst. The Zazen Alkaline water system has more electrolytes than sports drinks. It also costs us about 5c per litre!