Vivo barefoot

Vivo Barefoot are an extremely talented and progressive “shoe” company taking the barefoot shoe movement to the next level.

The Primus Lite are made from PET plastic bottles which are recycled and fashioned into durable, high performance materials to create a lightweight and breathable vegan shoe.

The best part about this shoe is how it follows the natural shape of the foot making them extremely comfortable. I personally love my Primus Lite “shoes” as an everyday wearer with jeans. They are also currently my choice of running shoe. I own the white but they also come in a number of different colours. Check out the apple blossom.

Did I mention they are completely vegan too!

If you are after some for your kids or hubby Beth and Aubrey both have a pair of the Mini Primus and Dan has a pair of the Gobi Swimrun.