Vitamin D

Vitamin D supports the development of healthy bones and teeth. It's really important, pregnant or not, vegan , or non-vegan to know about vitamin D and how to supplement if you need to. I wrote a blog post titled "Vitamin D: What You Need To Know Before You Apply Sunscreen" which I recommend you read. Basically, it's the sun or supplement if there is no sun. We currently live in Australia, where the sun shines everyday. We have no trouble getting our daily recommendation of vitamin D. However, I have this supplement in my cupboard for the days we don’t get in the sun. With my working more, I spend more time on the computer and even though I go outside everyday, it’s sometimes when the sun is setting.

I have been using the Garden of Life Vitamin D3 for the last couple of years. I love this one compared to others because it is in an easy liquid form, so you feel your not taking another white capsule. It's also completely organic, non-gmo, and tastes really nice! We all take it - one spray and it's done.