The Lemkus Preset Pack for Mobile is perfect for beginners who want to edit like us but don’t have the gear or experience with photography. They have been designed to be applied to JPEG files taken either on a DSLR or iPhone/ Android camera. They will make your images come to life, with a similar feel to the original Lemkus Preset Pack.

Included in your purchase are five mobile preset filters (DNG files).

To use this pack on your mobile you must have the free Lightroom app downloaded to your phone or iPad/tablet. Note: This pack must be downloaded within 24 hours of purchase onto a desktop computer first. Once downloaded the files can be sent to your mobile via Airdrop or email. They then can be added to your Lightroom mobile app ready to use. They cannot be opened until they are in your Lightroom app as they are DNG files. For instructions watch this video here.

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This preset pack has been designed for JPEG, rather than RAW files. There is still nothing stopping you applying them to RAW images, however they will not yield the same results as our RAW presets. Jpeg files, given their limited amount of information, edit very differently. You see, a RAW image has a greater dynamic range and a much wider colour space, letting you push the images a lot further. You have far more control and creative freedom to alter the tones and colours and this is really reflected in our RAW presets. JPEG files are much more sensitive to an edit and therefore a filter designed for a RAW file will look far too overdone. The reverse is also true in that a JPEG filter applied to a RAW image will look muted and lacklustre. We are not telling you this to put down JPEG’s or your smart phone camera, it’s more to explain the difference in our filters and allow you as the purchaser to select the correct pack.

All preset sales are final. Digital products can not be returned, no refunds will be made available.
For more information, please read our refunds policy.
Please email hello@sarahlemkus.com for any customer service enquiries. 

Your download link will expire after 24 hours. Please make sure you will be able to download these files onto a computer within that time. Once you download them please back up the folder and save your new presets to DropBox, Google Drive or a storage on the iCloud. Alternatively, you can also email yourself the downloaded presets folder.

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