Menstrual cup

Ladies... Don't be scared of this little silicone cup! It's a revolutionary game changer for that time of the month. 

Imagine an effortless, comfortable sleep, through the night on your period. Yes, please!

Menstrual cups are reusable for years, which means zero waste. Not only good for the envionment, but also good for your health! No risk of Toxic shock syndrome that tampons have. They last up to 12 hours too! 

Invest in one and I promise you will wish you got one sooner - I wish I did! 

Now, there are two sizes, 1/A/small and 2/B/medium - depending on the brand you buy. I can get you 5% off a couple of different brands on iHerb. I use a size medium because I have given birth to babies! Stick to a size small/A if you haven't had a baby vaginally and are under 25, and don't have sex often otherwise opt for the other size. 

In terms of brands they are all pretty much the same! Find a company you like. I like Oi because they are a New Zealand company and I love what they stand for - they aim to empower people everywhere to make great choices about health and the health of our world. Oi also hope to inspire positive change by transcending social and cultural barriers around women and their periods. 

Use my code BND662 at the checkout or use the button below to go straight to iHerb with the code already added to your cart!

Happy period!