How long have I been eating a plant-based diet?

Five years. Check out my health story here


I eat a whole food plant-based diet which focuses on eating anti-inflammatory foods.

Over the last few years I have found I feel my absoulte best when I eat a whole food plant-based diet rich in fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, legumes and wheat-free whole grains.

As I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), eating a diet lower in saturated fat works to balance my hormones, give me energy and keep me slim. However, it is extremely important for me suffering from this syndrome - along with other's, to eat anti-inflammatory fats (Omega-3 fatty acids). So my sources of fat always come from flaxseeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, avocado as well as other nuts and seeds. Along with having PCOS, I follow a wheat-free and processed sugar-free diet, as these foods cause inflammation in the body. 

I also eat mainly organic and spray-free for some really good reasons. Glyphosate is an extremely toxic agricultural weed control. You can read more of this in this peer reviewed journal article Glyphosate, Root Cause of Chronic Inflammation? By Zach Bush, Md.

When I first started eating a plant-based diet I would use Cronometer to help track my macros - but also to make sure I wasn't under eating and make sure I was getting all my essential vitamins and minerals. I roughly average 2200 calories per day (this is based on my body weight and moderate activity level + breastfeeding requires me to eat even more calories). The more I exercise, the more calories I eat too. Note: I do NOT calorie count. This is just an estimate to give you I guide that I eat lots of food. 


What supplements do i take?

I follow Dr. Libby Weaver and dietican Jack Norris' supplementation advice who recommend taking vitamin D3 (in the winter months or days when I don’t go outside), zinc, a vegan DHA Omega 3 oil from micro algae and B12 . I make my own almond milk which I fortify with natural calcium. 

I also take the herb Vitex/ Chaste Tree (WHEN I'M NOT BREASTFEEDING OR PREGNANT) which is great for women with PCOS, PMS and hormonal imbalances. I explain this in my 'How to lose weight with PCOS' video. 

Updated: Read here about what supplements I'm taking during my vegan pregnancy/ plus breastfeeding here



The sugar from fruit is fructose, which is the same sugar found in regular table sugar (apart from one is made in nature and the other is man made and bleached). When eaten they do completely different things in the body. Fruit, which contains fibre, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins does not cause an insulin spike shortly after it is eaten, unlike table sugar. Here is a short video that explains this. Research and science have found that people who eat more fruit, actually lose more weight than those who do not consume fruit on a daily basis. So no, you will not get fat from the fructose found in fruit - even when it is consumed along side table sugar. Don't be afraid of fruit - read below why!



There is no such thing as eating too much fruit. Do not be afraid of fruit! Fruit is one of the most healing, antioxidant rich, anti-viral and anti-parastic foods known to man. Here is a short video by Dr. Greger that explains this simply. 


did i eat plant-based whist i was PREGNANT?

Absolutely! I've had two amazing vegan pregnancies.


Does your husband and daughter eat a plant-based diet too? 

They sure do. They thrive off eating whole plant-foods. It is stated in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that a well-planned vegan diet is healthful to a child see here


What skincare products do I use?

I suffer from extremely sensitive skin, therefore I use 100% organic,  vegan and eco-friendly skincare products and makeup. The makeup brand I use and recommend is INIKA Organics. I make my on skincare products.


What blender and juicer do I use?

Check out my Products I Love page - coming soon.