There are a few tools you need to launch into a plant-based diet.


High-powered Blender

One is a high-speed blender. My favourite of them all is my vortex Optimum blender. Breakfast, lunch and dinner would not be the same without my blender. With a whopping three horse powered motor, I love it as it is powerful, versatile and incredibly easy to use. I've made smoothies, sauces, soups, spreads, ice cream, nut milks, flours from grains, desserts, baby food and nut butters. Read my full review here. I have recently upgraded my blender to the G2.1 Platinum and if you have more money to spend I'd highly recommend it!


A juicer is key to being able to extract large quantities of nutrients from fruit and vegetables. You can't beat a big glass of freshly juiced carrot juice! Whether you use a slow press juicer or a fast one, a juicer is well worth the investment. I own the Optimum 700 Advanced Cold Press Jucier, which I use every single day! 



I must admit, I don't use my dehydrator as much as I should. Especially since having a baby! It's the most simple mechanism to use when you have an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables from your garden. My favourite things to dehydrate are cherry tomatoes, feijoas, apples, apricots, raw crackers, and also a mix of fruit to make fruit leathers. Any dehydrator will do the trick, but if you are going to get serious with dehydrating I would recommend purchasing one like this