Hello from Sunny Australia! Week 24-28 Bumpdate


Hello from sunny Northern New South Wales, Australia! We have been over here meeting new friends, working on the go and enjoying our time as a family of three.

Call me crazy but we've been travelling in a JUCY camper van with me being almost 30 weeks pregnant! I just can't say no to family adventures. Luckily for me, Australia has just sprung into spring so the weather has been perfect - sitting around 21 to 30 degrees everyday with no rain. And yes, this also means I've been eating watermelon, mangoes and strawberries on the daily! 


Current Cravings

Greens! Pass me a massive bowl of salad and throw in a mango or two. From week 28 and 29 (according to my pregnancy app), my baby has started using 200mg of calcium everyday. Yikes! That's a lot. So I'm trying my best to have greens with at least every meal, plus also have my calcium supplement. Not so easy to make my own fortified almond milk while travelling, but I'm going to make sure I have it daily when I return home at the end of the month. 

And maybe I'm also craving burgers... 


From an ear of a corn to the size of a lettuce 

In vegetables... that's the size difference of bubs from 24 weeks to 28! It sure feels like a lettuce is kicking me in the bladder, spine and stomach! Not so nice when you have to sleep with your toddler on a fold out bed in a camper van for 21 days. Haha! The last photo of me above is me at 24 weeks and the others are me at 28 weeks. What a difference 4 weeks makes - a whole 500 grams of baby difference! No wonder I can't stop eating.


Let's exercise with a waddle!

It's been a very active month of pregnancy - I'm so proud to say that! I've been walking, swimming most days, stretching and waddling my body around as much as I can. I'd say even getting in and out of our campervan should be considered a form of exercise. 


There's not too much more to report about my pregnancy here. I can definitely feel a difference holding a boy to holding a girl. Beth wasn't as active, and she also didn't give me as much discomfort as this baby has. Have you noticed a difference holding different sexes? 


P.S. Above are some pictures my husband took of my friend Haley and I while we were staying on Stradbroke Island. Haley is a doula in the Northern suburbs of New South Wales. If you are expecting and looking for a doula - message me and I'll pass on her details. I want to fly her over to New Zealand for my birth!


Lots of love for now, 

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