I Found his Name! Week 20-24 Bumpdate


Eeeeek It's about time this pregnancy can slow down a little. Where the heck did the last month go???

I've had such a busy month, don't think I've ever worked so hard in my life! 

We got back from the South Island when I was about 21 weeks pregnant - and it's been go go go ever since. 


Low Iron

I had a midwife appointment a couple of days ago as we leave to go to Australia for three weeks on Sunday! Baby's heart rate is looking perfect, and he seems happy as in my tum. My recent blood test showed that I was low in iron for the first time in this pregnancy, so I've actually been taking an iron supplement a few times a week. Once we got back from the South Island I felt so burnt out and tired, which makes sense now that my iron tested low. We ate pretty well on our trip, the only thing that was missing was my massive morning green smoothies packed with greens. I'm feeling so much better now though, with the green smoothies back in my everyday diet, as well as the iron supplements! To have a healthy home birth (which I'm planning to have again), I need to make sure my iron levels are normal. Having normal iron levels helps to lower the chances of any complications - so I am very thankful to be able to take a supplement to help me get back up to spec. 


What is his name?

I FOUND A NAME! And funnily enough, Dan isn't sold... yet! :P

We named Beth before she was born - we told our friends and family so it was a definite keeper. But for this baby, I'm unsure we will do the same. I might keep it a secret until he is born since there is really not too much longer to go. Just need to get Dan to come on board with 'his' name or find another! 


Don't wear high heels!

Dan and I went to a wedding on the weekend and if I've got any advice for a pregnant lady out there, it would be to avoid wearing high heels at all costs! I swear wearing my little stilettoes put my back out. I called up my spinal alignment doctor and couldn't manage to make an appointment before we leave for Aussie - so I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse as sleeping has been a little sore. Nothing major, but just adds to the un-comfort of carrying a wriggly little babe in your uterus. 


What supplements am I taking during my vegan pregnancy?

Finally, this blog post is now live. Go read it here


*Pictures are from our nights stay in Kaikoura - a full blog post on our travels is yet to come :)

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my pregnancy this month!

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