Pass me the milkshakes! Week 8-12 Bumpdate

During weeks 8 to 12, I managed to get a tummy bug off Beth, a case of awful food poisoning and a head cold. So let's just say it was a long, quiet and sick month for me! 

As my morning sickness has left me struggling to eat normally, I have been craving calorie dense foods. One of them in particular has been milkshakes. I must admit, I've bought a few soy milkshakes while out and about, but I've mainly been making my own. My homemade chocolate milkshakes include plenty of frozen bananas, chia seeds, cacao powder, and homemade fortified almond milk. You can find the full recipe here.

Apart from all the sickness and milkshakes, I had my first midwife appointment and scan. My midwife is my dearest, closest friend of ten years and it's so special for her to be apart of this pregnancy and time in my life. If you need a Christian midwife in Auckland I couldn't recommend her highly enough. 


The Scan 

At 9 weeks I went for baby's first scan. I wish I had vlogged it! I hyped Beth up the whole day that she would get to see the baby in "mummy's tummy". My appointment was scheduled in the city for 3.30pm so Dan could come straight from work. However, after the 25 minute drive she feel fast asleep as I drove into the carpark. Typical!

I carried my 15 kilo (33 pound) toddler into the ultrasound clinic and waited for Dan. Just as the sonographer called me into the dark room, Dan walked through the door and took the snoring Beth out of my hands. She slept the entire appointment and only woke up as we put her back in my car to leave! She was still excited to see the scan photo and say "baby?" "mummy's baby?!" Unfortunately in amongst all her excitement she proceeded to scrunch it up, so I don't have a decent photo for you all.


Anyways, the scan went really well. It was so heartwarming to see our little baby wave and kick on the screen! The sonographer measured baby and moved my due date a few days earlier than originally thought. 


We have a due date!

December 3rd, 2017! - Gosh I almost wrote 2014 there for a second! Some of you may know I found out Beth's due date by a dating scan too, however she was two weeks early. So, we are preparing for a November baby as well as another supernatural childbirth! If you haven't read my amazing labour story with Beth, go have a read following this link. I am going to dedicate a video to sharing my labour/ birth story with Beth in the up coming weeks. Just waiting on a second wind of energy. 


What I've been eating

Plain, boring, comforting foods this month. The weather in New Zealand is getting cooler by the day, so I've been making French green lentil spaghetti bolognese on repeat, along with comforting bean stews, leek and potato soup, and lots of potato chips! I've been sharing snippets of what I've been eating on my Instagram story - and for those of you who have been asking about the spag bowl recipe, I promise it's coming soon. It gets dark here earlier now, so I am fighting for light to get a good blog worthy photograph of the dish! 

Last month I blogged about loving smoothies, well I take that back this month! After all my sickness, smoothies don't sit very comfortably in my stomach. Rawnola with homemade fortified almond milk has been my go to when I don't feel like green smoothies. 

It's been a particularly bad autumn/winter season for cyclones. The torrential rain has caused an actual vegetable shortage here in Auckland (yes, it's totally a thing). Prices are crazy high, even for non-organic veges. I hate to say it, but I have been buying from the frozen section at times as some veggies are better than none. It works in my favour as the thought of chomping on salad leaves sounds so bad right about now. I have even been struggling with pieces of avocado (so unlike me) - I think it's the texture more than anything. 


Feeling clucky and nesty

Already? It's like this overwhelming desire to spring clean. I have already ripped up the carpet in Beth's room, deep cleaned kitchen draws, sorted through all the existing baby clothes, vacuumed under everything in our house, and I even reorganised all furniture in our lounge. And I thought I had no energy!? Hormones are so weird! 

Since being pregnant, I have done a few newborn photoshoots for my photography business - let's just say I had tears in my eyes while on the job, not to mention a few more while editing. In the next coming week I am shooting a birth, so I'm preparing to have some waterworks going! Anyone else super emotional with new babies? 

That's all from me for now! Not too much of a big update. Next month I'll be having another midwife appointment, a scan and hopefully a better immune system.