Optimum 9400 Blender Review

Breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner would not be the same without my Optimum 9400 blender. 

My love affair with my high-speed blender began after breaking two blenders in my first year of marriage. I needed one that I could trust, and one that would save me money in the long-term.

The first one I broke was the best on the market (well, apparently). Its price tag deceived me to think it was a high powered blender. But, after four months of owning it, the motor started struggling. Even kale gave it issues, and we all know how horrible it is to drink a chunky kale smoothie. As if to save my blender the embarrassment, the next thing I know my husband accidentally dropped the blender jug on the floor. 

When I bought this particular blender, I thought the glass jug would be the best. Harder-wearing, BPA-free, easy to clean etc. This is a myth. First of all glass breaks. People drop things all the time and a glass jug is one thing you do not want to drop. Another thing you don't want to do is blend an ingredient that is too tough, like a date pip. This too could shatter the smoothie jug, and who wants glass in their smoothie?

Glass jugs are also BPA-free.. but plastic can also be. And if you thought glass was easy to clean, try holding up a heavy glass jug while you clean it with a scrubber in the other hand. It shouldn't have to be a workout.

After the second one broke, I found myself begging my husband for a Vitamix, which is apparently the best blender on the market.. or so I thought. He flat out refused, and fair enough. Why would anyone spend over one thousand dollars on a machine that blends food?

That's when I googled "Vitamix competitor" and taa-daa, I found the Optimum Blender. It can do everything  a Vitamix can do and more, yet it is less than half the price.
So, here's my reasons for purchasing the Optimum 9400.




My favourite feature about the Optimum 9400 is the extraordinary amount of power this machine gives out. A whopping 3 horsepower! That's as much a small boat engine. What really won me over was that it had a higher rotating speed than the Vitamix at 44,000 rpm. It can blend my favourite caramel smoothie of frozen bananas and dates in seconds! 

The optimum 9400 also has a commercial-grade motor, and since I use my blender about 4 times per day, the motor can easily handle the heavy workload. One year in and my Optimum is still going strong and I expect it to for years to come. 



To give you an example of how extremely useful the Optimum 9400 is here is a list of all the things I have blended: 

  • Smoothies You name it, I have made it. Often using fibrous kale and spinach, linseeds, dried/fresh dates, frozen bananas and ice.
  • Sauces and spreads I've made the most delicious sauces and spreads such as hummus, Thai peanut sauce, chia jam, vegan gravy and tzatziki sauce.
  • Cheese Vegan cheese whether it's runny or parmesan, I've done it.
  • Soup It can blend pre-cooked vegetables into a slightly chunky or smooth soup OR it can make and cook raw ingredients into a hot soup in less than 10 minutes. 
  • Ice cream from frozen fruit On a weekly basis I'll make a big bowl of ice cream using only frozen bananas or a mix of my favourite frozen fruits - this is what I call 'nice cream'.
  • Nut milk The best way to make sugar-free and preservative-free nut milk from almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, oats or rice. 
  • Flour from grains I've made oat, quinoa, rice and chickpea flours. 
  • Desserts The optimum can blend down raw nuts, grains, biscuits, fruit and vegetables to make desserts. I've made delicious raw vegan cheesecakes, bliss balls, truffles, kumara brownies, raw vegan slices and even muffins.
  • Baby food I have made smooth and chunky combinations of fruit and vegetables for baby food.
  • Beauty products Yes, I've even made moisturiser in the Optimum!
  • Crushed ice I've crushed large amounts of ice for dinner parties. 
  • Nut butter Homemade almond butter is the best on toast. I've only made almond butter and date butter, but you can make any sort of butter you wish. 


The Jug

What also makes the Optimum 9400 versatile is its BPA-free 2-litre jug. Being able to blend large quantities of food is another thing I love about the Optimum. A few of my family members have the Ninja, which I have tried and tested, and I find the small size of its jug very restrictive. It only works for small portions of smoothies or soups. And because my morning smoothies make up 1.5 litres, when I used the ninja, I had to make my smoothies twice. 

The Optimum's jug is also very easy clean. I like the fact that you can blend it clean or use a brush to clean right down to the four extremely sharp stainless steel blades. 



  • Nut butters aren't the easiest to make in small portions. The blades will only efficiently work when there are enough ingredients for the blades to reach. To make it easier to blend add small quantities at a time and work your way up. You can also pre-soak the nuts or use a small amount of oil such as coconut oil or olive oil if you wish. 
  • Even though the Optimum 9400 has a 3 horsepower motor it may get overloaded. But it is so well designed that the motor is equipped with an automatic shut-off switch to stop and protect the motor from overheating. It will then cool down and start working again once the motor cools off. 
  • The Optimum 9400 is more expensive than blenders you can buy off the shelf at your local homeware store. But that is for a reason, the Optimum can outdo all of them on power, performance and durableness. No one has ever regretted spending more for quality. In the long-term, though, this blender will save you money as you won't need to keep buying a new blender every time your cheap one breaks down. 


Other details

If you are tossing up between buying the Optimum 9400 and the Ninja, here is table to show you the differences.

The Optimum 9400 comes with a five-year warranty.

If you would like to purchase one today you can buy one through this link:

Buy an Optimum 9400

If you are undecided, do some research and think about it. If you then decide you would like to purchase one, come back to my blog and purchase one through me. I will get a small incentive ONLY IF YOU LIVE IN New Zealand for mentioning the Optimum 9400 to you.

I would love to know what you think. Comment below what blender you own or if you own an Optimum share your testimonial!