I'm Feeling Pregnant! Week 0-8 Bumpdate

Just when life is going by way too fast, Dan and I found out some exciting news... We are expecting a wee babe this year! 

Apart from the morning sickness, I am so excited for our family to grow! I've decided to share my whole journey with you month by month here on my blog. I will also be doing pregnancy related videos on my YouTube channel too! Check out my announcement video I did at the end of this blog post. 


Falling pregnant 

A common question I get asked is "what do you use for contraception?". I read 'Taking Charge of Your Fertility' or what I like to call my fertility bible while I was pregnant with Beth. It's an incredible book that teaches you all about how a womens body works, and I cannot recommend it enough! It goes into detail on how you can prevent pregnancy by tracking your body's cycle, otherwise known as natural family planning.

Along with preventing a pregnancy, this fertility bible also teaches you how to fall pregnant. I used OvaGraph, which is the books corresponding app, and it helped me avoid pregnancy as well as to achieve pregnancy. Through following all the ovulation signs and your body temperature, you can know exactly when and when you can't fall pregnant.

So after coming home from Hawaii in March, we thought it would be a great time to start trying. God's timing was perfect and Dan and I couldn't be more happy!


Morning sickness SUCKS

I knew straight away I was pregnant. Sore breasts, metallic taste in the mouth, the constant need to pee, an extremely good sense of smell... all the same symptoms I had with my pregnancy with Beth. The next week came constant nausea, extreme fatigue and brain fog. I had only hit 5 weeks and I was already over it! 

My last pregnancy was a big roller coaster. I had such bad all day nausea and sickness, I had to leave my job when I was only 6 weeks pregnant. I ended up in bed rest until roughly week 18, when it disappeared. Thereafter I really enjoyed pregnancy, apart from the heart burn at night time and stretching skin! 

With this pregnancy I feel like I am better equipped and know what to do and expect. I have learnt some really good tricks to relieve morning sickness and get through my day (only just). I'll be sharing these in a blog post and video in the next few weeks! 


Food cravings?

Fruit, all day long! I've been making big green smoothies every morning for breakfast. I have to drink them within the first 20 minutes of waking otherwise it's bad news - and I can only drink from a straw! I'm loving being able to eat a lot of fruit in the morning - it's so cleansing and helps prepare the body for making a baby. With my last pregnancy I would throw up smoothies, so dry toast and almonds was the only thing I could hold down first thing in the morning.

Last week, I craved salt and vinegar chips so bad! I have never been a chip/crisp eater. I'd much rather munch on carrot sticks and hummus, but I just had to have some salt and vinegar chips - so, well I did, as bad as they are I know! 


Feeling tight!

There are only two pairs of pants I am still able to wear at the end of week 7. It seems my uterus knows what's up and where to go. Everything on my abdomen feels puffy! Thank goodness I still have some old pregnancy t-shirts in my wardrobe from a few years ago. Last year I cleared out my wardrobe when we decided we wanted to live a more minimalist life. Anyways, I think I'm gonna need pregnancy friendly clothing much earlier than I expected! 


I think that's all I have to share about my exciting news and journey so far. Next month I'll share what supplements I'm taking, a rough guide to what I've been eating and more. I'd love your feedback on whether you enjoyed reading this blog and what your thoughts are on doing pregnancy blogs? Also, if any of you are pregnant and have a blog where you are sharing your bumpdates, do let me know! Leave your site below so I can check it out.