I feel like pies! Week 12-16 Bumpdate

Yay! Welcome to another bumpdate. If you read my last bumpdate, you'll know I was very ill with various tummy bugs and listeria! Since they knocked me off my feet, my immune system has taken a beating this month. When you're pregnant your immune system is naturally lower, but then it was lowered even more with the illnesses - so I ended up catching a chesty cough and a sinus infection/head cold. Not what you want when you are pregnant! 


Keeping my immune system strong 

I thought I'd share what I've been doing to help strengthen my immune system since I'm an all natural kind of girl! I'm rotating between taking liquid ionic zinc, organic acerola berry powder (vitamin c), and elderberry syrup. I'm also drinking homemade kombucha, apple cider vinegar, taking Hawaiian spirulina (great immunity booster), and making sure I get vitamin D either from the sun (harder to do now it's winter in New Zealand), or a vitamin D3 supplement - about 1000-2000IU daily. With plenty of early nights, lots of filtered water and eating lots of nutrient rich plant foods, I'm definitely on the way to better health at the beginning of week 16. 


Good news!

Nausea has GONE! As of week 14, nausea disappeared and I'm praying it doesn't make a comeback! Make sure you check out my "10 Tips for Helping Morning Sickness" blog post for the things I did to help my nausea and morning sickness. 



Since my nausea hasn't lasted as long as it did with my first pregnancy, I have a feeling I am having a boy! Although, secretly I would love to have another girl. I never had a sister growing up and I think it would be the nicest thing for Beth to have a sister. Plus, I know what to expect with a girl. Most of my friends have boys the same age as Beth, and they are busy and boisterous! 


Scan 2/3

I had my second to last ultrasound scan in week 13. I wasn't too bothered going to this scan, but decided to last minute. It was to check for abnormalities of the neucal fold. You're required to have this scan between 12 and 13 weeks, 6 days. I was 13 weeks and 5 days! It was a quick appointment, and due to me booking the day prior, Dan couldn't make it. Beth was awake this time though and enjoyed seeing the baby on the screen. She was excited to take home a long piece of paper with the baby on it too. 

Baby is growing perfectly and no abnormalities! Amen!


What I'm eating

Like I said in one of my recent YouTube videos, I am seriously craving baked goods and pies! I may have caved in and devoured a few vegan pies (hehe). I also made a gluten-free feijoa loaf one night before bed! If you know me personally, I don't bake, so this was odd for me to do!

I filmed a "What I eat In a day as a Pregnant Vegan" YouTube video - so if you missed it be sure to check it out. 

The past few weeks I've been having the usual oats for breakfast or a nutrient dense green smoothie. Lunch usually consists of lots of homemade hummus, tomato, lettuce, dulse, and mustard on gluten-free sour dough or brown rice crackers.

I've been snacking a lot to keep my calories up. My snacks include: apples, mandarins, freshly made juice, a handful of dates, rice crackers, almond milkshakes and a few nuts like walnuts and Brazil nuts for healthy omega-3s. 

Cool weather has kicked in here in New Zealand, so I've been making soups more than three times a week for dinner. A bean tomato soup, a leek, potato and kumara soup (recipe coming this week) and a lentil and pumpkin soup have been my go-to favourites! I've been enjoying Dahl a lot too. 

To keep up my folate and protein intake up, I make homemade hummus every three days. Here is my go to recipe (recipe coming this week) - although, if you are pregnant, avoid using tahini as it has been linked to Salmonella and Listeria infection. My food poisoning last month was from hummus I had on a sandwich which we bought out. So don't risk it! Also, if you are pregnant maybe consult with your midwife about consuming hummus. I got the all clear from my midwife, as long as it wasn't over two-days-old and of course homemade. 



Lastly, our wee Bub is kicking! Both Dan and I could feel the kicks at 16 weeks exactly. I roughly remember being able to feel kicks with my first pregnancy around this time, but I don't think Dan could ever feel them. He or she is going to be a strong one that's for sure! 


Anyways, that's all from me this month! I've been house bound for too long and need to get into a good routine of exercising - because I've been as slack as anything in that department. I've managed to get my yoga mat out once a week and do stretches, a few leg and bum exercises, but that's it! Who else is in the same boat? It's times like this I wish I had a dog to get me up and walking everyday. Like Dr. Brooke Goldner says, "pregnancy is about survival, so do the best you can to survive and get through it the best you can. Listen to you body. And be patient and kind to yourself." 




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