Going Lifestyle

Hi blog! Sorry it's been a while. There are some huge changes happening with our family this year, which I'm so excited to share and journey with you all on. One will be a big new change to this blog and website.

Sarahlemkus.com first started in April 2014. I was only a few months pregnant when I decided to start a blog to not only keep me occupied during pregnancy but to also share more about how healthy a plant-based diet is. I wrote bump-dates, and shared some yummy vegan treats. Soon after I started an Instagram account and later a YouTube account! These two have been my main focus for the past 12 months and as such I haven't had much time for anything else. 

In mid 2017, my husband and I are planning to join forces and create as much content across all platforms as possible. This will mean this blog will receive some serious love over the coming months. It will a hub of lifestyle posts, and what we are up to as a family. It will be filled with vibrant photography, along with our favourite recipes, plant-based lifestyle inspiration and more! 

Posts will be much more regular than in the past. If you subscribe to my blog, you can expert more of me in your inbox.