Baby It's Cold Outside + BOY OR GIRL? Week 16-20 Bumpdate


I'm feeling amazing! Well, as amazing as a pregnant lady can! Week 16 to 20 week are the best weeks of pregnancy in my opinion. Plenty of room to eat, baby starts kicking, you start to get a pregnancy glow and baby bump is cute and discrete. 


Feeling Faint

One thing I'm hanging out for in my sixth month of pregnancy is for my heart to beat faster! From week 22 onwards your body does this to accomodate all the extra blood running through your veins - how incredible. My blood pressure is very low, and leaves me almost fainting each morning as I prepare breakfast for Beth and I. At my last midwife appointment, my midwife said there is nothing too much you can do but drink plenty of water, eat fruit or dried fruit as snacks throughout the day and not get up too quickly after laying down or sitting. 


5 minute Pregnancy Workout anyone?

Yes, please! And I'm serious! My body has been craving movement since week 16. With all the rain and cold weather I make myself do squats and lunges throughout my day - especially while hanging up washing. I've also been getting into five minute pregnancy workout videos on YouTube. They are seriously so good! I commit to taking five minutes out of my day to do one, and by the end of it I've clicked on another two after enjoying the endorphins and bang - I've smashed out a quick 15 minute work out. 


Boy or Girl?

Leaving the most important news to last! We're having a boy!!!  Checkout our reveal video below - probably my favourite video from our trip away. So glad we have this memory on film.

We had our gender scan at 19 weeks, a day after landing in Queenstown. You'll see our journey if you've been watching our videos. We waited almost a week to open the envelope with the gender and a photo inside. We did this as we wanted to make our trip extra special by opening it on a Milford Sound cruise. It was pretty awesome to say the least! Definitely worth the wait! 


Sorry this blog post took it's time to get published! It was all ready to go but it took a back seat while we were travelling around the South Island of New Zealand. We just got back a couple of days ago!  

Talk to you in my next bumpdate coming soon! I've been working on a huge blog post about supplements!


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