10 Tips for Helping Morning Sickness

Ahhhh morning sickness...

I'm sorry your reading this and dealing with the overpowering hormones of early pregnancy! It's really not fun! But, on the upside your growing a tiny little human who will soon take over your life and bring you so much happiness. Congratulations! 


Much like my first pregnancy, morning sickness started within the week of conception. All day nausea left me struggling to eat, or eating so the nausea would get better. I always felt I was battling to eat either way! Good news, I have a few tricks I've learnt that may help.


1. Vitamin B6

Before trying for baby number two, my midwife had me take vitamin B6 once a day. Systematic reviews of randomised and controlled trials have shown that pyridoxine (vitamin B6) improves mild to moderate nausea. Only downside is that it doesn't significantly reduce vomiting. But it does help a lot with nausea! I took 100mg of vitamin B6 daily in my first trimester, and then once the nausea lessened I dropped the dose to 50mg per day. 


2. Magnesium spray

Don't be scared if you've used magnesium spray before and it felt like a million ants were crawling all over your body! Magnesium spray has been apart of my daily bed time routine for the past couple of months. Not only will spraying magnesium on your skin right before bed give you a good nights rest, it also helps a lot with nausea. Magnesium deserves a whole blog post, but in short magnesium oil spray (when used topically) is very helpful for pregnancy. It can help:

  • raise vitamin D levels (crucial for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers)
  • increase sleep quality
  • reduce muscle aches, nausea, pains, cramping, headaches and spasms
  • create healthy skin and reduce outbreaks of  dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis
  • increase energy levels, improve moods and help with brain fog 
  • helps to relax, unwind and destress 

The spray, when used topically uses what is called transdermal therapy, which creates complete “tissue saturation”. This allows magnesium to travel straight into the body’s tissues and cells at a high dose without losses through the gastrointestinal tract. It takes 26 seconds for what you apply to the skin to reach the bloodstream. It is also the safest form of magnesium supplementation. 

I currently spray 5-8 sprays of Pure magnesium oil on my belly before applying my belly/stretch mark cream at night after a shower. I also use this as a deodorant (just not the same day as shaving!) along with my crystal deodorant - I swap them around. You can spray the oil directly onto the soles of your feet to avoid the initial itch. The itch will disappear as your body's magnesium stores build up. Epsom salts dissolved into your bath is also a great way of getting magnesium into your blood stream. 


3. Eat small meals constantly throughout the day

A full stomach or a very empty one, can both aggravate nausea and induce vomiting. Stick to small carbohydrate-predominant snacks/meals, and snack throughout the day to avoid having an empty nauseated stomach. I constantly munched on apples, prunes, mandarins, rice crackers etc. 


4. Drink kombucha*

Especially ginger infused ones! Sour, fizzy liquids are tolerated well with pregnancy nausea. Be wary of the alcohol content in some bottles though. I make my own and make sure the alcohol content stays low. Whenever we went out to dinner or a family function, I'd bring a bottle of kombucha along and it made my nausea symptoms that much better. *Consult with your midwife before consuming kombucha. 


5. Drink ginger tea

Ginger is one of the best natural remedies for alleviating nausea. Get your hands on as many ginger infused drinks as you can. I love the organic ginger and turmeric tea by Pukita. Or alternatively, a big piece of ginger root in boiling water also works well - sip on it all day and it should provide a little bit of relief. 


6. Eat sauerkraut*

Alkaline foods help calm nausea symptoms. Sauerkraut was about the only raw vegetable I could eat one point in my pregnancy. Put it on some dry toast and Bob's your uncle! *Consult with your midwife before consuming sauerkraut. 


7. Add apple cider vinegar to your water and sip on it all day

I personal really dislike apple cider vinegar, so I have been doing fresh lemon juice or ginger root instead - but apparently this works really well. Make sure it is raw apple cider vinegar with the 'mother'. Apple cider vinegar also works to strengthen your immune system and flush out lingering bugs, which are more prone to get you in pregnancy - so that's a bonus!


8. Make a tumeric shot

Add a heaped teaspoon of tumeric mixed with warm water, and shot back first thing in the morning. To be honest, I never ended up trying this. I was too scared that I'd throw it all up. But my midwife said it works a treat! So if your brave / desperate enough, give it a go. You can alternatively make a turmeric latte - now that sounds more appealing!


9. Stay away from spicy foods, heavily flavoured meals, and acidic foods

A lot of things will trigger nausea or induce vomiting. Along with spicy foods, heavily flavoured meals and acidic foods - certain odours, stuffy rooms, heat and motion can set you off. Be mindful of the things that trigger you as everyone is different. For me it was all of the above, especially acidic foods like chocolate and driving in the car. Trust me on the chocolate - it made it much worse! Citrus fruits will either love or hate you. I couldn't get enough of oranges and mandarins in my first trimester. So know what your triggers are and avoid them like the plague. 


10. Get nine hours sleep each night

Not getting enough rest and sleep can aggravate symptoms. For me this was quite tricky as I do most of my work at night. Hence why I wasn't very active on my YouTube or Instagram - not to mention this poor blog! With all day nausea and first trimester exhaustion, I managed to make it to bed 9.30pm most nights. 


11. Stay hydrated

With your blood volume increasing by 50% it's really important you stay hydrated. I felt so much worse, especially the next day if I didn't keep myself hydrated. Keep in mind that fluids should be consumed at least 30 minutes before or after solid food to minimise the effect of a full stomach - a full stomach equals nausea! If you can, drink high pH spring water or filtered water


I hope my tips have helped you! Let me know what remedies you have used to get you through your own pregnancy.