Hi everyone, and welcome to my website and blog!

I have a wonderful husband of five years and we have a two gorgeous children, Beth and Aubrey. Our little family lives by the beach on the coast just north of Auckland, New Zealand.


a dash of me

I'm a total holistic health, natural living kind of gal. I am also a passionate Christian and I love all things adventure. When I'm not working on my blog, filming and editing YouTube videos or of course doing housework, you'll find me hiking, swimming at the beach, or somewhere outside taking photos! 


MY health journey: where it all started

Towards the end of high school, I began to suffer from some health issues; including weight gain and hormonal imbalances. I was later told by my doctor that I had polycystic ovaries (PCOS). Having suffered body confidence issues for years, and having tried every diet imaginable, I was at my wits end. At the end of 2013 when my husband and I were beginning to think about starting a family, I began looking for a better way. I started researching about the impact of food on hormones which lead me to discover the vegan diet. Basically, everything I had ever been told about dieting and nutrition was a lie. About a month after transitioning to a plant-based diet I fell pregnant, which was a huge answer to my prayers. I happily continued my newly embraced vegan diet throughout my pregnancy and I have never looked back. You can read my full story here OR watch my eating disorder video here. And watch my video 'How to Lose Weight with PCOS' here.

Four years and one beautiful baby girl later I am seeing and feeling the benefits of living off a plant-based diet. I believe the food God created for us was not made for it to be restricted, for it to harm our bodies, or for us to have a love-hate relationship with it.

Women should not have to struggle to be a healthy weight.

Statistics show 60 percent of adults are ashamed of their bodies. I want to help show women (and men) they can be happy, full of energy and confident with their bodies through plant-based nutrition.

Follow along as I share my story and passion for eating well through plant-based nutrition. I blog about nutrition and baby related topics as well as share my favourite whole food recipes. Make sure you check out my YouTube channel too - I put out a new video every week. I hope I can inspire you in one way or another.